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Xi'an three metallurgical source of steel limited liability company Xi'an three metallurgical Yuanyuan Iron and Steel Co。, Ltd。, Hubei New Metallurgical Steel, Wuhan Heavy Yeast, Hubei three metallurgical technology, Hubei Fufeng Special Steel, Hubei Limin Special Steel and other large special steel plant in the northwest distributor, The The main varieties are Xi'an Seamless Steel Tube, Xi'an You special steel, Xi'an die steel forgings, Xi'an alloy steel forgings, Xi'an steel ingots, Xi'an casting parts, Xi'an hot die steel, Xi'an forging parts, Xi'an cold for die steel, Wait. High-quality product quality, factory direct sales price, is the best choice for those who demand! The company is committed to providing customers with high-quality low-cost steel products as the goal, and strive to create value for customers responsibility, with a strong logistics and distribution system, at any time to meet customer needs, the company complete specifications, cheap, The operating advantages, to keep convincing, re-quality of service concept to win the trust of the majority of users and praise. Enterprise scale and strength in the forefront of domestic metal materials business units! The Acting Company of the special steel factory production of the full range of die steel, spot inventory sufficient, high quality and affordable。




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